Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sweater on a Bipolar Weather

Sunny to Rainy . After 15 minutes , Sunny again . What to wear during a Bipolar weather ? Well here in the Philippines , I picked up my white sweater and pencil cut skirt . I go to simple look .
 You can wear your Summer Outfit but bring your handy dandy cardigan . If you want to wear heels during a Bipolar Weather , make sure your comfy wearing it or bring an extra flats .

 I really wanted to wear a dark shade of lipstick , but every living things inside our house protested . They told me that I look really old and I  look like I smoke 30 packs a day . Hmm . Maybe someday I can wear that maroon shade :))) Oh one more thing , to be honest , Im 21 years old , Im not 19 haha .