Monday, March 17, 2014

Haigh waist denim -Croptop-Black ( GALS NIGHT OUT )

   Friends. They are the one that keeps your secrets , makes you laugh , listen to your series of heart broken stories and most of all , they are the one who loves to go out and just walk with you .

   This is a Saturday date night with my gals ( TISH && ABBY ) .  Tish is my sister in blood and Abby is my spiritual sister and I love them both .
   For this night , I finally wore this  high-waisted denim jeans . I think a friend of my mom gave this to me when I was young but its too big for me back then . I paired it with a white crop top shirt and black studed cut-out shoes . I dont wear too much accessories just two rings and earrings , leather bag and black belt. I'm banging my not combed hair and kissing my red lipstick all the way :)
   creepy right ? :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Class A , vintage

   Classy Vintage style . The laced long sleeve top is the ultimate vintage style I think I have in my closet . Vintage style doesnt wear out or go out of fashion , its more classy as times go by .
I paired mine with a black short balloon skirt , black stockings and brown boots . The bag also goes on the vintage category so its cool to have it on .

I dont have a professional photographer , but my sister is a good one . My dad took this photos , though its a little different from what I expected , it turns out great when cropped and edited :) So thanks Paps ! <3

Saturday, March 1, 2014

PLAID && PLITS && NET ( Flashback outfits )

    I love finding old clothes that I own when I was younger and finding out it still fits me well <3
For example :
 The brown plaid Dress - My mom bought this for my younger sister when she was in grade school , and it's too small for her , so .. me , being skinny , was grateful having this . Its been 8 years and it still fits well on me.

 The Black pleated skirt - I own this when I was in high school , its a little shorter now but the waist size doesnt change ! hahaha :D

This is one of the reason why I keep some of my clothes <3 :) You'll never know when to wear it.