Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gladiators and Leopard

   It's a Sunny Sunday :) It's kinda hot outside so I wore a chiffon animal print blouse and black short sheer skirt , gladiator sandals ( m.s.e ) . Since my yellow belt is no where to be found , I put on the red one , which looks good too ! Prada bag  , emerald green earrings and a beaded bracelet .

   Always put on light makeup when its day time and try to look natural and fresh . Remember , the lesser the makeup , the better ( Specially for teens ). I'm lovin my orange shades lipstick . As I told you on my previous blog , you can blend lipstick colors . Put on the lighter shade like nude color or put on a concealer first . Then choose your lipstick for the day :)

with my cousin Gilead

Bro Tip : When wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a necktie , always tuck in your shirt tail . Remember , YOU'RE NOT HARRY STYLES . Not all guys look good when their shirts are tucked out .