Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gladiators and Leopard

   It's a Sunny Sunday :) It's kinda hot outside so I wore a chiffon animal print blouse and black short sheer skirt , gladiator sandals ( m.s.e ) . Since my yellow belt is no where to be found , I put on the red one , which looks good too ! Prada bag  , emerald green earrings and a beaded bracelet .

   Always put on light makeup when its day time and try to look natural and fresh . Remember , the lesser the makeup , the better ( Specially for teens ). I'm lovin my orange shades lipstick . As I told you on my previous blog , you can blend lipstick colors . Put on the lighter shade like nude color or put on a concealer first . Then choose your lipstick for the day :)

with my cousin Gilead

Bro Tip : When wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a necktie , always tuck in your shirt tail . Remember , YOU'RE NOT HARRY STYLES . Not all guys look good when their shirts are tucked out .

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I wore this on a friday night food gathering.This is not the outfit that I've prepared because my mom told me that the other outfit is not appropriate for the occasion , but when I wore this.. this is too much for a friday night haha ! but I gotta follow my motherly rules =)

I wore a red polka dots spaghetti blouse , covered with a black knitted cardigan ,black highwaisted skirt and red jelly shoes .

                      As you can see I'm kinda lazy when it comes to my hair . I just let it be =)
VERY light makeup . no foundation . no face powder . Just bright light will do the trick =) When it comes to lipstick , I always blend other shades of colors . Like nude,orange,light pink =) Try it ;))

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rainy Sunday

 Summer is over . Bring out your boots , jackets , stockings , scarfs and other warming clothes . 
 Here in the Philippines , its rainy season already and you cant wear shorts or mini skirts , but if you want a wet look legs or unique style of mud polka dotted legs , you can wear short clothes haha =) just kidding .

I'm wearing a Black sleeveless turtle neck and a black jacket , Black pleated skirt and a red belt ,  black&green checkered stockings and a brown low cut boots .
 so what do you think about my outfit ? :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Padded and Pleated

Actually this is my first blog , but I reposted it here so you can check it out easy breezy =)

It's a SUNNY DAY outside . Sleeveless is very cool to wear . Im wearing a Padded shoulder sleeveless and a denim balloon pleated skirt . Wrapped it up with a brown leather belt .

Add caption

This brown leather fish mouth boots is very comfy to wear . It's not that high so I can easily roam around . And accessorized with black round rayban shades ( I look like a fish wearing it haha ) a gold earrings .  It's vintage look .

That comfy and cozy

It's a cold Sunday night . I need comfy and cozy clothes =)

Since im gonna be wondering around , Knitted sweater kept me warm and cozy . Red Jelly shoes is comfy to wear if you're gonna wonder around the streets , malls or anywhere . You can easily walk and run fast with that too =)

Simple is SIMPLE . If your gonna put so much makeup it can ruin your face . So wear light and feel light =)

 ( Top blouse ; KIRIN KIRIN - Their clothes are so unique :)) )

I dont wear too much accessories . I only wear earrings . I like belts . Big belts , thin belts , leather belts , all belts =) Im a bag person too . I cant go out with out it , coz I always bring stuff with me , stuff that you cant walk around holding it :)  And keep everything comfy and cozy .

Friday, September 20, 2013

White and light


 This was taken at our Grandfathers funeral . Instead of wearing an all Black Outfit , I   decided go Black && White :)  me : far left side

                                 HAIR BUN
                Guess what , I really dont like my hair wooshing on my face . That's why
               I always put my hair on a bun or ponytail . And doing it is easy breezy :) 

                                                      Keep it SIMPLE
                  Eyebrow , eyeliner , mascara and light lipstick is enough :)
                             Gold earings , bracelet and black belt completes my white night :)