Monday, January 27, 2014

Teen Mom Fashion

          I'm not busy , I just died temporarily for about 2 months... I guess . It's really , I mean SERIOUSLY hard and tried to continue and activate my blogging mood but I just caaant !!! SO HOORAAYY FOR TODAY ! it's 12:28 a.m and I'm starting my first blog post this year =))

         I'm a Teen Mom and going out with my hyper active boy is very exhausting. Hanging out with him means me wearing a SIMPLE outfit , like : SHIRT + JEANS/ shorts+ FLATS/ rubber shoes or Summer Dress + Doll shoes ,because I run all the time ( not really , I have my little big sis with me ) and get messy playing too .

       Despite the messy , haggard-look-later face, I'm still FASHIONABLY fashionable =)  So here's some personal tips on Me Time , Baby Time , DATE TIME  :

 - wear less to NO make-up ( I keep mine LESS make-up )
 - you can wear shirt , simple blouse , sleeveless or any comfy and simple top
 - if you think your top's a little revealing , wear an underneath clothes like a halter top or tube top 
 - Jeans , baggy pants not skirt
 - flat shoes like sandals , rubber shoes , slippers
 - less to no accessories ( You dont want them missing )
 - incase of emergency bring extra's : extra top and pants =)