Sunday, December 1, 2013

Around The Waist : Day 2

                                   DAY 2 is kneated jacket , stockings & jumper shorts .

   I'm a fan of jumper's and stockings . Jumper's and stockings are one of the '' must have '' on the comfy lists . If we're talking about sunny day and comfy day , you can just put on a jumper shorts & shirt under it . Jumpers can be paired with different shoes too .
  For stockings , ladies usually wear these on cold days but now  you can also wear it on sunny days . Pair it with shorts or skirts , with heels or sneakers . I wore a denim boots from my mom and its color is the total opposite of my whole violet aura .
  Since you'll never know if its gonna be a cold night out , grab a kneated jacket and tie it around your waist .

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Around The Waist : Day 1

                             So I'll be posting a seven day jacket-around-the-waist look . Stay Tuned .

    When I was a kid , I used to tie my jacket around my waist because I dont want to wear it all the time. But now , tying your jacket or long sleeves around your waist is a fashion statement . If its cold outside you can wear it but if it gets hot outside you can easily take it off and tie it around your waist and it gives your outfit  a '' Peplum skirt ''  look .

  I wore an all black outfit and I choose the blue plaid shirt for the rugged style and it gives life to the whole dark aura of the all black outfit .

Retro Drive

                                            Flashback 70's . Its DISCO FEVER !!
       I love the colorful neon color's . It gives life to the lifeless things :)
 Neon colored clothes are usually paired with pale or dark colors , its like yin and yang .
But you can try pairing it with other neon colors . Try to experiment with colors.

 For my dress , I paired it with a dark skirt .I can also pair it up with yellow , red , or green skirt because my dress has those colors . If your top is printed , pick a plain skirt . Add accessories like earrings and necklace , but dont over accessorize you're not a jewelry box .

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Aquarium Blue Outfits

     Throwback Summer . Well for a more Aquatic ambiance and cool feeling I wore an all shades of blue outfit.
        Instead of wearing shorts , I wore a blue skinny jeans . But you can always wear shorts , skirts and summer dress .
     Chiffon fabrics and laces are a perfect summer outfits , its not so casual and its really comfy & cool to wear .
     For makeup . wear a very light or wear almost nothing . Do you wear makeup when taking a bath ? :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Back To Tan Nation

                        From pale skin to tanner skin . Too much exposure to sun :)

       Have you worn a jumper before ? Well if you do , you know the comfy benefits of wearing a jumper and the handy dandy pockets . Its like Narnia wearing one .

      There's different kind of jumpers and mine's a denim jumper dress . I always wear this when I go out for a busy walking wandering day . See the back details ? COOL .
      For a not-so-casual look , I grabbed my leather magazine bag and borrowed my sister's leather heels . But for a casual look I wear flat shoes or sandals .

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Grab and Go

      It took me almost two or three weeks to update and post new looks , sorry .
     Last night , I decided to wear my red laced dress . Unfortunetly , it needs some sewing and patching and I dont have enough time to get it done it time . Thats the main reason why I need to change my outfit .
    You've seen that skirt from my previous blog . Its kinda my favorite and I love the color . Pencil cut skirt is one of the easiest skirt to pair with any top . When you feel that your dress is kinda short , you can wear a pencil cut skirt for more comfy feeling.

  For the top , I wore a black lace jacket and paired with a black spaghetti sando for a blouse look . I dont have to iron it , its a wear and go top . Why not try wearing a laced top and a pencil cut skirt too :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013


        I've been cutting and slicing (like pizza) some of my old shirts and pants this past few days . From old shirts to  crop top or muscle tee's , some with fringe , some pants we're turned into shorts then dye'd or acid washed . * I'll post some soon . * Doing DIY's  fun but be careful not to ruin your designs and end up throwing it out .

        Sooo as you can see , that top is DIY'ed . I bought the shirt from a thrift store near us  . Im debating whether Im gonna go with crop top or muscle tee . But I ended with fringed .The shirt is oversized , so I cut out the sleeves . I wanted the fringes to be longer but it looks good not too long . And I'm contented by the way it turns out .

       One more thing , the bag is also DIY'ed :) I added the studs . It looks more alive , but Im gonna add some more studs on it .

     Im just so excited wearing both of my projects that I wore it the day I finished doing it :)  

 Try it ! dont be scared holding a scissors and cutting your shirts .


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sweater on a Bipolar Weather

Sunny to Rainy . After 15 minutes , Sunny again . What to wear during a Bipolar weather ? Well here in the Philippines , I picked up my white sweater and pencil cut skirt . I go to simple look .
 You can wear your Summer Outfit but bring your handy dandy cardigan . If you want to wear heels during a Bipolar Weather , make sure your comfy wearing it or bring an extra flats .

 I really wanted to wear a dark shade of lipstick , but every living things inside our house protested . They told me that I look really old and I  look like I smoke 30 packs a day . Hmm . Maybe someday I can wear that maroon shade :))) Oh one more thing , to be honest , Im 21 years old , Im not 19 haha .

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Denim - Studs - Floral

20 % of my closet clothes are from my mom , including this floral dress. I actually wear this dress once when I was on my teenage years . My shoulder bones is my main reason why I don't wear sleeveless and I'm too thin . But so far I have the guts to show off my bones haha .

 Its always sunny and hot in the Philippines but it gets really cold at night . So grab your cardigans for cover-up . Wear your Studded flats for added touch to your outfit . Add accessories and makeup .