Sunday, December 1, 2013

Around The Waist : Day 2

                                   DAY 2 is kneated jacket , stockings & jumper shorts .

   I'm a fan of jumper's and stockings . Jumper's and stockings are one of the '' must have '' on the comfy lists . If we're talking about sunny day and comfy day , you can just put on a jumper shorts & shirt under it . Jumpers can be paired with different shoes too .
  For stockings , ladies usually wear these on cold days but now  you can also wear it on sunny days . Pair it with shorts or skirts , with heels or sneakers . I wore a denim boots from my mom and its color is the total opposite of my whole violet aura .
  Since you'll never know if its gonna be a cold night out , grab a kneated jacket and tie it around your waist .