Sunday, November 10, 2013


        I've been cutting and slicing (like pizza) some of my old shirts and pants this past few days . From old shirts to  crop top or muscle tee's , some with fringe , some pants we're turned into shorts then dye'd or acid washed . * I'll post some soon . * Doing DIY's  fun but be careful not to ruin your designs and end up throwing it out .

        Sooo as you can see , that top is DIY'ed . I bought the shirt from a thrift store near us  . Im debating whether Im gonna go with crop top or muscle tee . But I ended with fringed .The shirt is oversized , so I cut out the sleeves . I wanted the fringes to be longer but it looks good not too long . And I'm contented by the way it turns out .

       One more thing , the bag is also DIY'ed :) I added the studs . It looks more alive , but Im gonna add some more studs on it .

     Im just so excited wearing both of my projects that I wore it the day I finished doing it :)  

 Try it ! dont be scared holding a scissors and cutting your shirts .