Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Grab and Go

      It took me almost two or three weeks to update and post new looks , sorry .
     Last night , I decided to wear my red laced dress . Unfortunetly , it needs some sewing and patching and I dont have enough time to get it done it time . Thats the main reason why I need to change my outfit .
    You've seen that skirt from my previous blog . Its kinda my favorite and I love the color . Pencil cut skirt is one of the easiest skirt to pair with any top . When you feel that your dress is kinda short , you can wear a pencil cut skirt for more comfy feeling.

  For the top , I wore a black lace jacket and paired with a black spaghetti sando for a blouse look . I dont have to iron it , its a wear and go top . Why not try wearing a laced top and a pencil cut skirt too :)