Saturday, September 21, 2013

That comfy and cozy

It's a cold Sunday night . I need comfy and cozy clothes =)

Since im gonna be wondering around , Knitted sweater kept me warm and cozy . Red Jelly shoes is comfy to wear if you're gonna wonder around the streets , malls or anywhere . You can easily walk and run fast with that too =)

Simple is SIMPLE . If your gonna put so much makeup it can ruin your face . So wear light and feel light =)

 ( Top blouse ; KIRIN KIRIN - Their clothes are so unique :)) )

I dont wear too much accessories . I only wear earrings . I like belts . Big belts , thin belts , leather belts , all belts =) Im a bag person too . I cant go out with out it , coz I always bring stuff with me , stuff that you cant walk around holding it :)  And keep everything comfy and cozy .